Magritte, Escher, Monet, and Dali have long captivated my imagination; how they translated the edges of reality into the fantastic. Since my first photographs as a child, light has fascinated me. As an architect, I have learned to study the properties of light and air to find fleeting moments of layered reflections and unexpected distortions of forms and edges.
Recent opportunities to explore international cities have allowed me to seek out their hidden dimensions in glass, stone, water, and vehicles. Rather than photograph buildings directly, I perceive them through the interpretation of their neighbors. It often comes down to stepping an inch or two side-to-side and back-and-forth to discover the images we often miss.
These experiences now tease my periphery in every city, especially my own, inspiring me, and I hope others, to look beyond the familiar and uncover, or rediscover, the fantastic.
All images are single exposure. None are montages.