Among the glass towers that forest our urban centers, we weave past fellow pedestrians and dash across busy streets with one eye on our handheld universe. Just outside our periphery, however, are hidden dimensions rarely beheld. Fleeting moments where the fusion of layered surfaces merge, reflections unveil unexpected perspectives, and distorted glass reveals a kaleidoscope world that is anything but flat.
Rene Magritte, Maurice Escher, and Salvador Dali have long captivated my imagination. The way they translated the edges of reality into the fantastic. Opportunities to explore new urban centers have allowed me to discover and seek out their hidden dimensions and the edges of their realities. These experiences now tease my periphery in all cities, especially my own, inspiring me, and I hope others, to look beyond the familiar and uncover, or rediscover, the fantastic.

All images are single exposure. None are composites.